Keyboard Gaming Multimedia Membrane AULA F2028 – RGB Macro Software

Keyboard Gaming Multimedia Membrane AULA F2028 – RGB Macro Software

Brand: AULA


Deskripsi Keyboard Gaming Multimedia Membrane AULA F2028 - RGB Macro Software

Spesifikasi :

Mechanical Specifications :

  • Structure size and weight
  • Product size: 440.00 (L) × 135.00 (W) × 35.17 (H) ± 0.2mm
  • Product weight: about 713g
  • Hexagram

    Electrical Specifications :

  • Rated voltage: DC 5V

  • Rated current: <250mA
  • Standard version shortcut keys
  • With lock / unlock WIN key and APP key, the game is smoother.
  • Support 3 independent LED indicators: Num lock LED / Caps lock LED / Scroll LED.
  • Three independent multimedia functions, previous song, play / pause, next song.
  • With the mode switch scroll wheel, the knob button is often pressed to switch between game mode and multimedia. -- When switching between the two modes, Num lock LED / Caps lock LED / Scroll LED 3 LEDs flash simultaneously

Game mode (default) :

  • Rotate the button to short-press the cycle switch: Spectrum / 7 color cycle breath / red breath / orange breath / green
    breath / cyan breath / blue breath / purple breath / white breath / 7 color cycle heartbeat / red heartbeat / Orange
    heartbeat / green heartbeat / cyan heartbeat / blue heartbeat / purple heartbeat / white heartbeat / red steady light /
    orange steady light / green steady light / cyan steady light / blue steady light / purple steady light / white steady light / reaction light Effect mode

    • Rotate counterclockwise to decrease the brightness, rotate clockwise to increase the brightness

    Multimedia mode:

    • Short press the button to press the mute switch
    • Turning counterclockwise decreases the volume, and turning clockwise increases the volume
  • FN + ← spectrum / breath / heartbeat mode speed decreases, FN + → spectrum / breath / heartbeat mode speed increases.
  • Press FN + ESC frequently for 5s to restore the lighting and custom functions to the factory settings.
  • FN + W switch WASD and 4 direction keys

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