UCHII F SURIPPA Home Slippers Room Sandal Kamar Kain Katun Karet Strip

UCHII F SURIPPA Home Slippers Room Sandal Kamar Kain Katun Karet Strip

Brand: Tidak Ada Merek


UCHII Female SURIPPA Home Slippers Room Sandal Cotton Fabric Rubber Sole Rumah Kamar Kain Katun Karet Stripped Colorful

Feet are the most easily forgotten part of our body. Yet feet are somehow also the most important that ensure your whole body stay balance while stepping continuously on the ground. Keep yourself warm while walking around your home by using our hand-crafted Home Slipper. No more leg cramps caused by such cold floor. In the meantime, by using our cozy Home Slipper, your foot skin will also stay healthy and moist.

Our Home Slipper are specially designed and crafted for you and your family. It's been made from high quality cotton; not only to bring such perfect footwear function, but also to bring the ultimate comfort of enjoying your leisure time in home. The soles are made of well-formed rubber. Its thickness is carefully measured: to ensure each steps you make on it is as comfort and soft as stepping on the fluffy rug.

Product Specification

  • Fabric Material : Cotton Combed
  • Model : Stripped Color w/ Ramie Texture
  • Sole : Water Resist PVC Rubber
  • Use : Female / smaller size
  • Color : Green & Pink

Product Feature

  • Light & Non - Slip
  • Ergonomic Design that fit your feet*
  • The whole material is resistant to fold, will always be re-stored to its original form
  • Odorless : perfect crafted material make such good air circulation around your foot

  • for you whose feet are a little bit chubby or simple prefer loose feel in your feet, please kindly use 1 size larger

Size Guide (outsole measurement)

  • Small (36-37) : 240mm
  • Medium (38-39) : 250mm
  • Medium Large (39-40) : 260mm


  • Jangan dicuci dengan menggunakan mesin cuci
  • Cukup rendam dalam air detergen sampai kotorannya luntur lalu bilas dengan air bersih
  • Keringkan dengan cara digantung, jangan diperas
  • Hindari penggunaan sikat, sabun colek, dan pemutih pakaian
  • Simpan di tempat yang kering untuk menghindari munculnya bau tidak

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